Saturday, 9 April 2016

Thursday, 3 December 2015

pocket money: a book about random acts of kindness

YAY - Announcement!

It's been a year of newness, strangeness and change.  But I'm so excited to finish it up with my book Pocket Money published and off into the world!

I told the big old story of how I made it - all by hand, here
I was interviewed by The Woolf Magazine here.

Now - to think that it's available to be ordered from anywhere makes me break into a smile. That means we can send random acts of kindness, synchronicities and serendipities all over the world! 

Check it out on Amazon or find it wherever you like to get books. 

Hint, it's a sweet present to send for sparking curiosity and conversations. Like what you find if you took your hands out of your pockets? Or, how would you meet if you didn't speak the same language?

Thanks for hanging in with me on this journey. I hope you will join me in wishing for this season tsunamis of simple kindnesses!!

BIG love

Sunday, 29 November 2015

on any thursday

at the mal_Raum
you might find one of these. . .

One of my mums said 
"thanks for teaching her 'to go for it' something I was never that great at."
I just love watching as these guys go exploring - in their own worlds. . .

Thursday, 21 May 2015

the mal_Raum

The mal_Raum – the paint space, a piece of space. Its my new studio! 

Katharina started here years ago. She loves a play on words and setting people free in a space with paint, to just explore. So when I heard she was thinking of closing down something in me screamed nooo. I wanted to keep that kind of spirit alive. So now we are. Along with the lovely Lemady, we are opening our next era.

When I landed in Switzerland from Australia at the end of 2011 it was the chance of my Swiss man to share with our two children their half Swissness and it became my chance to paint again.

Sure Id graduated school and art school with prizes, painted whole year projects, doodled, drawn cartoons for Disney, had children, finger-painted and coloured in. Before leaving Australia I was leading creativity classes, Id been coordinating a community centre, mentoring new teachers into their first practices of art, music, dance and movement therapies. I loved it. But it was a long time since Id made my own art.

I didnt have a lot of space in my new home so in my little wintergarden and mostly on our dining room table I explored. Lots of illustrations. What came out was that book, Id always had in the back of my dreams. I had so much fun. Then two things came from that. I wanted the space to paint bigger things and I wanted to share creating with others again.

Now Im in the mal_Raum, and I get the chance paint bigger and I get to give others the chance to see whats inside them to express!

If youre in Zurich too, I cant wait to paint with you. Check out our classes on the mal_Raum site! Or just write me now if youre ready to start!

Whats waiting for a little space for you to express?

xxx Kaye :)

Desire Map Sydney - April

A few treasures from my Desire Map Workshop in Sydney :)

"Taking time out of our crazy life at this time was a gift, and coming back to my core desires felt like a resetting of my compass" Elizabeth Criner, Nutritionist and Healer

Thank you for such a special day. It was great to be surrounded by like minded women in such an honest and open environment. Poppy Kural, Fine Art Student 

The beautiful flowers and our custom Australian Bushflower Essences selected for the day and made up by our honoured guest Dephi (4) with her mum Lizzy.

Making magic. Bringing all our generations in with us

Calling in Core Desired Feelings.

Creating goals with soul starts with the GPS of your core desired feelings. 
How do you want to feel???

Find out more here 
Grab the book - do it yourself

Better still - gather some friends do it together, just call me.

"The intimacy of having you and my best friends was a blessing.

It really helps to carry these words around with me and I have found it very comforting working from the basic idea of reminding myself of these feelings day by day. . . I loved it and feel compelled to pass it on just like you did." Emma Hudson, Fine Arts Student

xxx Kaye 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

how core desired feelings can lead you (if you let them ;)

I flew back into Australia in March to spend more than a month, just me. Wow, it happened. Not long before I’d declared my core desired feelings. One of them was to feel - free. And there I was – thank you!

Free to leave my kids at home. Free to be there in real time with my siblings to deal the best way I could with ‘family business’ that had come up, I also wanted to take the opportunity to share my new role as facilitator of the Desire Map Workshops.

But you know that feeling of going back to family, the house you grew up in, the old home town, it’s lovely, it’s comforting but oops it’s slippery. Operative words ‘the old’, suddenly you’re right back there, in the past, and things get sticky.

So there I am trying to do everything right and see friends and stay on track and enjoy myself. I was trying to stay focused, when sitting with my dear friend and co-facilitator Sylvia out came another book and set of tools. NOOO, I thought I’m not starting anything else, no sidetracking, no nothing new; I’m sticking with the program!

Ok. so I didn’t. I gave in. 

I spent nights doing “The Work” with Byron Katie. It was amazing, and simple and well, done. Each time I felt lighter, I was able to meet with all my family stories fresher, with all my obligations easier, with all my expectations kinder. 

Oh wow, that’s it. I felt free!

The pennies just kept dropping and a deeper knowing set in of how putting the way you want to feel out first brings you to your goals in a so much richer way than just writing them down and doggedly trying to tick them off.

And of course it turns out another of my CDFs was – golden engaged - and that’s how I felt, fully present, deeply grateful for every moment I had, the whole trip. 

So it turns out sometimes getting sidetracked is a part of the goal.

Ask yourself - How do I want to feel?
follow the signs. . . let yourself be led. . .

I’d love to know what your best sidetracks have been. Write me below in the comments :)

xxx Kaye

my mum's kitchen

ps. I just came across an analogy of how tiring time in a museum can be and how since life is continually expanding, being around artifacts from the past is simply being around a more contracted energy. Just like back home and all the old stuff, it can bring you back to the older more contracted you. Ugh tight. But immersing yourself in appreciation (like the historians do) can make it a complete joy. I hope you find that place next time you go back home.

pps. I fully recommend Byron Katie’s “The Work” – do some ;)

Monday, 23 March 2015

keeping your head above water, while diving / or doodling your way out of a mess

I was so stumped this day. Frustrated, overloaded, confused, mess, papers, notes everywhere, overwhelmed. 
From somewhere a small voice said -  just draw. Draw it out. I swiped the table clear. Grabbed notebook + pencil and doodled. Three little circles and a big straight line . . . then out came this guy.

A whale, the biggest thing, a lot of darkness and an impossibility. That's exactly how I felt. 
Drawing it out felt good, I could see it, I could even smile, again. I could see I was taking in and in more information, more options, more ideas and not letting any out. I felt all blown up, like a scuba diver with her weight belt on and life vest fully inflated.  
Funny along came my man, saw it, and said 'she needs to let a little more air out that spout'. Yeah. But not holding on to it all and letting it out was scary. I didn't know what would happen.

It all went out, oops. . . flat, like a sole on the floor. Blink. Nothing.
Now what? 
. . .Ok breathe, just only what you need 
What's the first thing . . .

So keeping your head above water, and diving. You can't do both at the same time.
You gotta let go.

Thanks to some scribbles, I found my way on. 
Free - to change :)

What's your best way to check in with how you're feeling? 

And then to ask

How do I want to feel. . . now?