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Hi I’m Kaye Llewelyn. I’m a teacher, artist and coach. I have taught art and creativity and tai chi and swimming and surfing, and how to ride a gyroscope. I’ve won art prizes, been in group art shows, had solo shows and drawn cartoons at Disney. I’m a mother of two (Mr Inventor Guy and Ms Hula Girl), and I’m an Australian who lives in Switzerland.

How can I help?

When I asked my friends and colleagues how I can best help them, much of what I received was based on my wide life experience, inclination for adventure and boldness for just doing it. 

“Kaye, you make me feel like I can do it.”

And the colours I sling around.

“I want that big yellow one on my wall! It makes me remember my passion”

I’ve been coaching and mentoring people to go for their dreams or even just their ‘foolish projects’ for ever, even before I had a certification to do it. Mostly because I know you can, and that . . .

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.” Goethe

I didn’t paint all that time tho – much as I love to, cos, ‘stuff got in the way’. Now I’ve put it up front. That’s why I opened this space, to dare myself to paint and draw again.

What do you want to dare yourself to do? – I can help you get it going on.

That’s what lights me up. And . . .

& Drawing out Stories  . . .


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