Some wise blogger type once said, just start and keep going. Dont try to figure out what its all about yet. Look back after six months and see what youve been writing about . . .

Ok so I took longer, but there it was from the start.

It was when I was packing up my life to move to the other side of the world and somewhere in there my sister sent me a photo. It was me – a long, long time ago. I used it to start this blog. That me was curious and daring and courageous, she was determined and big hearted and full of joy – she was BOLD.

I want to know her again.

Then I found a picture my boy had made for me – it said Kaye brings art to every eye on every day and there I am all around the world - he was sure. I was not.

I want that simple surety.

When we arrived we only had our suitcases and no toys to play. To my girl I handed over my oldest favourite shirt that was torn along the way, and this is what became.

I want that confident creativity

I see it now

is like a childs heart

brave and simple and direct

uncomplicated by the layers of stuff that accumulate

over decisions that were one time perfect

and now no longer fit.

So thats where Ive been going.

Its a process, and a joy.

To make friends again

with the open one

the willing


ready one

ready to

have a go

and really, to care less and less

whos watching

just dive 
into the flow

want to join us?

where things can start to happen, easy, smooth and fun?

Pop your name in the box up there on the right.

Ive got a gang that I send out thoughts and pictures to, randomly.

But always therell be something, when youre looking ;)

thatll help you come alive.   

Dont ask what the world needs. 
Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people 
who have come alive. Howard Thurman

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