Desire Mapping

Let’s talk about your life.
Do you feel free? Joyful? Connected? 

Most importantly, does your life feel the way you want it to feel? 

When I read The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte for the first time, my life was not feeling the way I wanted it to. 

I was in a new country, lost, without a language, friends, job or idea of what to do. The Desire Map was the catalyst for the change I needed. 

This book isn’t just intellectual theory. It walks you through the process of practically (+ soulfully) creating a life that you actually want to live, connected to people, experiences and things that you really want to be connected to. 

It seems so obvious, right?
Of course! My life should feel good! 

But the thing is, so many of us aren’t living that way. We’re fixated on what others think we should do. We’re pushing ourselves to meet someone else’s expectations of The Great Mum, The Successful Businesswoman, The Patient Wife or The Forgiving Friend. 

And in all that striving to meet other people’s expectations, a lot of us have lost ourselves. For a while, I did. 

The Desire Map snapped me out of it and got me back on my own life track.

And because of the profound impact desire mapping has had on my life, I want to sing about this work from the rooftops. I want you to have this opportunity to reclaim your life too, which is why...  When I heard that Danielle had created a Licensing program so that people could teach this stuff, a big yes just bubbled up and burst out.

And now...

I am excited to announce that I’m an official Desire Map Licensee! yay - cue the confetti!

I've been hosting my first live workshops, team building events and weaving it into my one on one work this year. 
If you’d like to join me, click here for more details.

It’s never too late to live a life that feels good. A life that you consciously choose and design,

based on your own core desired feelings. 

I’d love to help you uncover those feelings so you can start building a life that helps you generate them.



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