Sunday, 16 October 2011


There's no turning back

out of the comfort zone
and into the

the new

The surf was all small in Bondi on the weekend
It was lovely to see all my old surf pals again
Caught a few tiny waves to hold in my memory.

While my insides feel like I've taken off on a monster.
Where is the bottom and when do I turn?
How do I ride this one?
All new terrain.

Hey ok - like we all know
be right here now
take it one moment at a time
feel as you feel

A lot of feelings running around
be still

it's a timeless wide moment

now even this painting's been sold
the house almost empty

it's time to be bold.

Moving to another country on the other side of the world? 
another language? another way?

How have some of those big changes been for you?


  1. yayyyy! you are putting your writing out there in the world.
    it will be fun watching this spot along your journey away.

    as for me and how the big changes have been in my life -
    i always feel really uncomfortable and scared to start with and
    feel like running the other way or escaping somehow, but then as
    i stay with it, all things become clearer and clearer and then
    things change so easily and i can't imagine life not being the way it is right now

  2. Thank you Michky

    I wish I could stroll through big changes like my favourite walks on the beach with you but my sideways acceptance of the realities of the actual mechanics of packing up myself+family+house+life has me yep you got it - crammin - be sitting on bags later today ;)

  3. Yew!! Awesome Kaye!!!
    From Paul Shmackles