Monday, 20 February 2012



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the unique

the barn

the view
Thanks for a wonderful week. Zermatt - behind the watches and chocolate and swinging snow scene - respect for a people who built houses way up here in the 1600s?! Who farmed. Who climbed the Matterhorn in 1865 with hobnailed boots. And not all the wealthy Englishmen who came, but the guides - like sherpas who knew the mountain. The one who climbed it 370 times the last time at 90, who never had a phone, but who could always be reached around sunset taking his afternoon cafe. Bold beings living life their way loving this land. This town has had no cars since 1947! - only way to arrive is by train and only vehicles electric taxi or bus or sled or horse and carriage - 
clear, clean, quiet - alive :)

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