Tuesday, 6 March 2012

turn the corner

navigation - from a farewell gift to find my way

I set out under this big brand new sky
to plot a course in a new hemisphere and
amid the sparkles and orbits of the vast
wide web world
casting out nets and bringing them in
full of gems and treasures and shiny things
lost for days
found in moments

what's my way and how do I play?
questions bring me back
how do I turn off the lights
dazzling outside and redirect them
to finding that one light inside?

quietly waiting
to be cupped and protected
from the winds and words of the unsuspected.
Held and grown till it radiates wide
and is set off to slide

onto the rivers of its own


I had plenty of warnings but I guess I had to really feel it - lost in the swirling webby world. I know about boundaries to keep the baddies out but what about the ones to keep the wonderful at bay while I remember the wonderful in me? And let it's sparkle be the light that shines my way.

My feet hit ground today - and here's what I want to say:

My new tips for wild wooly web navigation . . .

* Go with a purpose - write a big note - WHAT FOR? - what's my intention for this next adventure?

* When you're out there leave a trail - breadcrumbs even to find your way home - don't just hover, drop down too, leave a hello or a thank you note. Bookmark for returns but then come on home - 
late night  parties will burn you out.

* Back home take a moment to recall where you've been and for all those beauties that you've read and seen acknowledge within you, your own particular gleam.

* Jump up and down walk down the street, remember you come in a body with feet.

* Speak to someone who knows you well, about the kids or the dogs or the weather. Then witness yourself speak about where you've been, who you are now from it and 
what you're gonna do about it. . .

* Then you're ready to take the step off the curb into your way - turn off the browser and tune in to that one thing - your choosing for today!

ps. this stuff works for any kind of lost

How's your navigation going? Do you have your star to guide by? Your compass set? Stand on the corner look both ways, where have you been? Where do you want to go? But most importantly - 
How do you want it to feel when you get there? 
Plot your own course to there!

Hey and if you need help
I'm right here


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  2. what a beautiful pic!

    kaye don't forget: your light is always shining - it never goes out!

    my navi seems to be offline from time to time. being back here in the north for this end part of winter seems WRONG. my body doesn't like it at all. and then the mind doesn't like it and starts creating all the blocks. but i stop and breathe and remind myself that despite MYSELF, i am going in the right direction - it's just that sometimes the most direct route is not the right route to take nor the fastest either. "it is what it is".....

    take care xx

  3. I hear you dani. reminds me of that great cartoon you knw with the idea of success as the straight line and the reality the end of the squiggly one. . . well I just posted it on fb cos I can't put a sqiggly line in this box :)

    and hey spring is coming welcome back to another chance to blossom xx