Monday, 19 March 2012

playing footsies with my fly-tribe

magic afoot - boots in confetti bombed Basler Fasnacht
There's wonder everywhere
What a magical mystery tour it's been
the flying carpet ride daring to step out into
the big world moving to the other side of the earth
the wide web world of multitude flowering creativity
the internal backroads and forgotten corners that have been waiting to come out and play

Having family and friends to write home to or skype in a moment of crosstime connection
My man in the other room playing his own game
And my fly-tribe out there paving their own ways
sharing their lessons and learnings
their tips and tools
wearing their own shoes and sharing the journey

It was their idea to share shoes together - on this day
and laughed cos I'd been doing just that
I started in spring and we pulled down our house - well half of it
Then we left home and I could have had wings or airplane sox ;)
If I'd had sandles with henna red dust that'd be india
then my favourite reds in the new lands autumn/herbst/fall
the boots came out for winter
the wooly deep in snow
and the shiny black buckled speeding ski kind

now the spring is here 
so out come the reds again
ready to jump then
I look forward to the summer
and seeing my toes

it's a jump over the old and up to the new . . .

who said it - 
"to really know someone - walk a mile in their shoes"
thank you all for sharing your journeys
here I sit today on my birthday in these
slippers knitted by the inimitable Joan
mother of two of my dearest friends and
knitter for many a spirit seekers feet,
musing on my mother who borned me today, many years ago
and all the places I've been since then . . .

tea, me and reverie


  1. Nice post! Love the red shoes and those wonderful knitted slippers!

  2. How fun!!! and the last ones look soooo comfy!!

  3. Great post and great shoes too esp the red ones. Thanks for joining in on the blog hop.

  4. Those knitted booties look luscious!

  5. Happy birthday! Love the red shoes. Wish I knew a "Joan" who knits comfy slippers!

  6. I love your photos- especially of the red shoes... although I'd really like to have those knitted booties for myself!

  7. That was an awesome post! I luv'd your writing style!

  8. You win the prize for the most poetic shoe post! Lovely! Thanks for playing!

  9. Lovely post - so fun and enjoyable to read - I think I might be in love with those knitted slippers.

  10. What a fun post! That first image is cool.