Friday, 7 September 2012

Listening to you . . .

To day the lovely Rachel Awes started a new series on her blog and she starts with Sigga Dis and me
pop by and take a look
What a gift it is to be listened to.
Feels so warm and fuzzy 

pass it on
listen to someone today
really listen - don't say a word
just smile


  1. eeeeeeee!
    so excited!!!
    so gifted for you to be "here".

  2. thanks you super listener :)

  3. It's so lovely to be inspired by you! I saw your gorgeous painting on Rachel's blog, and your drawings are just adorable! I love what you're doing and the art you create. :)

  4. he he how chuffed am I that you do, while I'm over at yours loving that you're back with your beautiful work popping me with your latest Illustration Friday deep into your sweet and quixotic imagination. thank you :)