Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Illustration Friday - sky

I needed a little colour.

I don't know about you but for me
all day today was grey.
They warned me about it 
living in Switzerland
by the lake 
in Fall.

So when I read the word sky
I dreamed of blue
and I remembered 
the summers 
of Bondi

This one is from then


  1. Nice image. Hope it made you feel sunnier.

  2. It's been a grey week in the uk too. Horrible. This cheered me up. I have a jack Russell who used to do this, made me smile.

  3. Thanks Frances, it did and I reckon I'm going to bring out that blue a lot more as we go down into winter :)
    Sweet Nicky - I love that it helped :)

  4. Wonderful action capture! I think you may have cut some words off the bottom? But it looks a bit like a line of colorful flags which is really neat. :)

  5. really nice illustration! beautiful blue with the funny dog playing. Loved it. =)

  6. He seems so pleased with himself - great job! :)

  7. thanks Cindy yeah the words are cut off they say 'wind Northeast 5-10 knots ;) but I like the colorful flags too :)

    thanks moara smiling too

    hey Tony I'm chuffed too - thanks

    sweet Laura - thank you

  8. Wonderful illustration! I love it!

  9. Aaaaah! Wow, wow, wow! This is an exhilarating and gorgeous piece. Such joy!

  10. Thanks Hannah

    Thank you Bella for reflecting that joy, it's the banner I hope to always paint under - even joy for mud and crud ;)

  11. Ein wundervolles Bild! Hast du davon eine Karte?

    Herz dich - Maya

  12. Hoi Maya

    Vielen Dank :)
    Ja ja komme gerade jezt . . .

    xxx Kaye