Thursday, 21 May 2015

the mal_Raum

The mal_Raum – the paint space, a piece of space. Its my new studio! 

Katharina started here years ago. She loves a play on words and setting people free in a space with paint, to just explore. So when I heard she was thinking of closing down something in me screamed nooo. I wanted to keep that kind of spirit alive. So now we are. Along with the lovely Lemady, we are opening our next era.

When I landed in Switzerland from Australia at the end of 2011 it was the chance of my Swiss man to share with our two children their half Swissness and it became my chance to paint again.

Sure Id graduated school and art school with prizes, painted whole year projects, doodled, drawn cartoons for Disney, had children, finger-painted and coloured in. Before leaving Australia I was leading creativity classes, Id been coordinating a community centre, mentoring new teachers into their first practices of art, music, dance and movement therapies. I loved it. But it was a long time since Id made my own art.

I didnt have a lot of space in my new home so in my little wintergarden and mostly on our dining room table I explored. Lots of illustrations. What came out was that book, Id always had in the back of my dreams. I had so much fun. Then two things came from that. I wanted the space to paint bigger things and I wanted to share creating with others again.

Now Im in the mal_Raum, and I get the chance paint bigger and I get to give others the chance to see whats inside them to express!

If youre in Zurich too, I cant wait to paint with you. Check out our classes on the mal_Raum site! Or just write me now if youre ready to start!

Whats waiting for a little space for you to express?

xxx Kaye :)


  1. glückwunsch!!! vielleicht beginn ich ja doch noch zu "malen"!!!!

    1. Ha! Maya auf Deutch? Komm! ;)

  2. Oh wow! WOW! That is fantastic and so very wonderful! It looks like a great space, and you are absolutely glowing in it. Beautiful! I'm so thrilled and excited for you. And envious of everyone in Zurich. Congratulations!!!